Baby Bedtime Essentials

Baby Bedtime Essentials

Hey Guys! I hope you all had an EGG-cellent Easter weekend (yes I am full of cheesy puns). After all the egg hunts, easter bunnies and candy I’m sure you and your little ones are pooped and ready for a good night sleep! So, whether you love bedtime or dread it, these 10 essential (or what I consider essential) baby bedtime items will help create a healthy sleep routine and make bedtime even more EGG-citing (0kay, I’m done I promise). 

  1. Honest Soothing Bottom Wash
    Aurora right now is only 6 months old so I still don’t give her a bath every night (poor dear has my dry sensitive skin) but I do give her a “topping and tailing” as the start of our bedtime routine. Meaning I clean her face, hands, feet and bum. For this I use honest company’s soothing bottom wash.  It has organic aloe, witch hazel, and botanical extracts to cleanse the skin, plus you can use it on other areas too (not just the bum).

I like to dilute mine with some distilled water, this makes the product last longer and I feel like its not so potent. Then I just spray it directly on a wet wash cloth or water wipe and go to town. Which brings me to the next item.

2. Bamboo Wash Cloths OR Water Wipes
In the beginning I was using a couple washcloths every night (see my favorites here),  but when you’re trying to avoid burying yourself even deeper in laundry you make a switch to something disposable. This was especially helpful for those “mom brain” end of the day moments when you have the diaper already off, kid undressed on the changing table and you forgot the washcloths.

Water wipes are a better alternative since that is what’s there and ready on the changing table and they’re super gentle (just water and grapefruit extract). Perfection. I spray a little bottom spray on one and wash her bum, then on a new water wipe I get her face, neck, hands and feet… in that order.

3. NoseFrida The Snot Sucker
This one is more of a seasonal night time routine if little one has a cold and a stuffy nose. I like to make sure she can breath! This little contraption is AMAZE-BALLZ and i’ts not as gross as it looks, I promise. All you need to do is spray a little saline solution (I use this one here) up her nose, put one end of the tube on babies nostril, red end in your mouth and… suck. I know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry there is a little filter that blocks anything from getting into your mouth.

If any of you have tried those round snot suckers they give you at the hospital then you know how awful they are. Not to mention there is no way to really clean them. The NoseFrida is not only easy to clean but you can see what’s coming out of there little noses.

4. Cloud B Musical Plushie Sheep
Okay so you don’t need this exact one, but you get the idea. Something sweet and cuddly that makes SOFT music and is a nice distraction to set the mood. This sits on the changing table and I only use it at night during bedtime routine. This just sets the tone so she knows this is the sound of bedtime.

5. Honest Face + Body Lotion
Being an esthetician and having extremely sensitive and dry skin I can tell you I’ve tried many a lotion and none of my go to products were working for Aurora. They were either too thick, too “adult”‘ or too scented. This one was just right; hydrated her skin and face without being too greasy, wasn’t too thick, fragrance free and made of safe ingredients.

This is my favorite but any baby safe lotion of your choice will do. Every so often she’ll get a bit of eczema under her knees and I use the tiniest bit of aquaphor and it goes away the next day. (My tried and true for my eczema also)
Every night she gets a relaxing rub down to ease her into dream land.

6. Baby Banana Infant Tooth Brush
You may laugh now but dental hygiene is so important even for those brand new baby teeth! Of course a wet wash cloth for those new pearly whites will work just fine. I prefer an infant brush because she thinks she’s getting to chew on a teething toy and I’m setting up a foundation of making brushing your teeth a habit. I give it to her while I’m massaging in her lotion. This one is specifically designed for young infant’s baby teeth and gums, but always check the age on the packaging.

Also, I started this AFTER she got her first two teeth at 5 months. This hasn’t been our routine since day one.

7. Infant Hair Brush and Comb Set
The last thing you want to deal with is cradle cap. For some babies its inevitable BUT the comb and brush set comes with every tool you need to prevent it or treat it. Cradle cap happens when your babies under developed oil glands produce too much sebum (oil) and cause crusty flakes on the scalp and/or eyebrows. Another reason I don’t bathe Aurora every day just yet. When she was a new baby she had a couple patches that quickly went away with the use of the comb and stimulating brush.

Now to prevent it from coming back I use the gentle goat hair (cruelty free) brush every night before bed. I mean, who doesn’t love having their hair brushed! This is just one of the many options out there.

8. Kickee Pants and a Sleep Sack
Miss Aurora liked being swaddled for about five minutes of her life and learned how to roll over at two months so of course I needed to find an alternative for bed time. We use Kickee Pants almost exclusively because they’re made of bamboo so the fabric breaths and stays cool so baby won’t overheat. Babies can’t regulate their body temperature like the rest of us so this is extra important. Kickee Pants keep her warm and cool all at the same time. Then we just slip her into a sleep sack (NO BLAKET!)

9. Books
Need I say more? The last part of our evening routine is to always sit down and read a book before bed. We might not make it all the way through without trying to eat it first, but we read a book just the same

Reading is such an important part of babies development; it teaches them communication, listening, memory and vocabulary skills. The important part about a book at bedtime is picking the RIGHT book. I always try to pick a book that I know I can read in a soft, gentle, “bedtime” tone. You don’t want to stimulate their little minds too much after you just spent all that time readying them for sleep. After a soft bedtime story I turn off the light, sing her a little song and turn on the…

10. SoundSpa Sound Machine
Lastly I turn on the sound machine. Babies have an easier time putting themselves to sleep with some simple white noise. Who can blame them, even I have a hard time falling asleep if it’s too quiet.

This one has 6 different sounds (my favorite is rain) and can be plugged in or use batteries. Any sound machine will work but this one is reasonably priced and does everything I need it to do.

Well there you have it friends, my 10 baby bedtime essentials. All in all the most important thing is to establish a routine that works best for you and your family. Babies LOVE routine and thrive on consistency so this is just what works for us. If it works for you too then I am so happy I could help. Sweat Dreams!

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