Easter Basket Ideas

I know I may say this for every holiday, but I freakin love Easter! I mean whats not to love, it’s like Christmas without the cold weather, crazy shopping and no wrapping. Stick some crap in a basket, send the kids outside to look for eggs and call it a day. Sounds pretty straight forward to me. So to make this perfectly simple holiday even easier I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite finds for those little babes’ baskets!

Did I do a whole section of this post on Hearth and Hand? Did we just become best friends??
If you answered “yes” then you are going to L-O-V-E Hearth and Hand’s Easter collections this year! I wanted to get it all… and almost did!

Jump Rope ~ Gardening Tools Set ~ Wood Bowling Set ~ Toy Wheelbarrow ~ Wood Blocks ~ Bunny and Carrot Pull Toy ~ Wood Teas Set ~ Wood Puzzle Set

I am definitely a right brain type of person, I need my creative outlets and so do little ones. So adding some arts and crafts to Aurora’s Easter basket was a NO brainer… yea… I like puns.

Wunderdough (non-toxic, earth and kid friendly play dough) ~ Wood Rolling Pins ~ Hand Painted Wood Cones ~ Unicorn Chalk ~ Magic Markers and Workbook ~ Crayola Touch Light Doodle Board ~ Bath Crayons ~ Watercolor Paints

Ya’ll know I wasn’t going to do an Easter/Spring post without adding some spring clothes in here! Most of these shops listed have both boy and girl outfits! If there was ever a time to go preppy with your boys- it’s Easter.

Beaufort Bonnet Co. ~ Kickee Pants Sunflower ~ Gap Kids Breakfast Jammies ~ Peter Rabbit Pajamas ~ Pink Chicken ~ Plain Jane night gown ~Boden Baby Rompers ~ Remie Girl Bloom Pocket Dress ~ Bunny Jumper

Now this one is geared more towards all my fellow girl moms out there. Gotta have those accessories.

Zozubaby spring bows ~ Bunny Ear Hair Clips ~ ElliaMayDesigns Bows (spring collection just dropped) ~ Raine and Sky Leather purses ~ LaBelleBaby Bows (beautiful vintage velvets) ~ Bunny Purse ~ CuteBirdAccessories Bows (lots of fun colors for spring) ~ Bonnet from Beaufort Bonnet Company ~ MyPetiteLemon Bows (Guys… she makes bows out of vintage handkerchiefs!)

My fave! Books! I always add a book or two to every gift going to a child. These are some of mine and A’s spring favorites!

E is for Easter ~ The Secret Garden ~ The Littlest Bunny in San Francisco(they make this one for every state and lots of major cities!) ~ How to Track an Easter Bunny ~ The Pink Umbrella ~ How to Catch the Easter Bunny ~ Tea Rex ~ A Fairy Friend ~ Next to You: A Book of Adorableness ~ And Then its’ Spring ~ Singing in the Rain ~ The Velveteen Rabbit ~ Rain ~ We are the Gardeners (by Joanna Gaines)

Don’t let all the pink fool ya, knee socks done right can look pretty dang cute on a little boy. Very royal family-esk.

Pink Saddle Shoes ~ Crochet Tights ~ Hunter Rain Boots ~ Leather Baby Shoes (great for babies learning to walk) ~ Handmade Leather Shoes ~ Knee Socks ~ Pom Pom Knee Socks ~ Bunny Ear Knee Socks ~ Sandals ~ Converse ~ Rainbow Glitter Rain Boots ~ Peeps Knee Socks ~ Rainbow Pride Socks

And of course… Toys. Endless options but heres a few of our favorites!

Bannor Toys- Personalized Wooded Toys ~ Cuddle and Kind Dolls (every doll you buy feeds 10 children) ~ Gardening aprons ~ Bunnies by the Bay Animals ~ Baby Einstein Rattle (This was Aurora favorite for a long time) ~ Baby Einstein Piano ~ Sophie the Giraffe ~ Doll House Accessories ~ Jelly Cat Giant Octopus ~ Wheely Bug ~ Felt foods ~ Toy Vintage Style Rolling Pin ~ Matching Dolly and me by EverlyDolls

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