First Mother’s Day as a Mom

First Mother’s Day as a Mom

Hello friends!
Mother’s Day is next week (I still can’t even believe it’s may!) and being that it is my FIRST Mother’s Day as a mom I thought it would be fun to share with you some special ideas for Mother’s Day that aren’t necessarily gifts. So here is my 5 Mother’s Day ideas…

1. A letter to my child
My first idea and my hardest to explain. I really don’t know how this came to me, but I just thought it was such a beautiful idea and it became the inspiration for this post. As I was thinking about that pending second Sunday in May I realized that all I wanted was to tell my baby how thankful I am that she made me a mommy and how special it would be for her to read that one day when she is older.

I don’t know when I’ll give it to her; maybe when she’s 18, maybe when she has her own first baby, I just know that I want her to have it. I have always wanted to be a mom, but I had no idea just how much love I would feel for such a tiny person. I want her to know how I felt on my first Mother’s Day and how thankful I am for her everyday.

2. Memory Box
Little baby keepsakes can start to take up space and gather dust so this Mother’s Day I’m going to spend some time going down memory lane and putting everything in a safe place.

Savor is a company that makes amazing keepsake storage boxes (Think less “box” more beautiful parcel). They are subtle and small enough to keep out on a shelf or in a closet but big enough to keep baby shoes, stuffed animals and any other keepsakes from your little babes first and future years. The “box” has two sections: one for documents, papers or artwork and the second section is different size cubbies for keepsakes. They include different labels for you to choose from and even have some blank ones for you to fill in.

Click here to check out Savor’s beautiful keepsake boxes. Use code SHELBY15 for 15% off!

Another really fun idea is to have your favorite baby clothes made into keepsake dolls. You can keep them for yourself of give them to your little one. Keepsakes by Nicoleta is a mommy of two who make the most beautiful keepsake dolls with a variety of options. Click here to check out her site.

3. Gift For Baby
So I know it’s supposed to be all about the mamas, but I would love to give her something that reminds me of my first mothers day with her. Whether that be a little baby bracelet or a doll that she will have forever. Hazel village has the cutest dolls that you can get matching outfits for the doll and the baby. They also just did a collaboration with little unicorn muslin blankets. You can click here to check them out!
Of course my favorite dolls are from cuddle and kind (shown in the picture with Aurora.)They have so many different dolls for boys and girls and every doll you buy gives 10 meals to children. What a better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than by helping other babies!

Click here for Auroa’s Cuddle and Kind Doll

4. Mommy and Me Matching
This of course is one of my favorite ideas. There are so many fun mommy and me matching outfits you can do with your little one on your special mom day. It’s also very doable with mommy and son. In the big world of Etsy and Instagram the options seem endless!

Here are some of my favorites for Mommy and me! Click on the company name for link!
Rosett Co. (Use code Aurora10 for 10% off)
Collective Creations 
Kickee Pants (my favorite bamboo pajamas for Aurora)
Hanna Andersson
Lazy one (they have the cutest children’s books that go with their matching jammies)
Flexi Lexi Fitness
Pink Chicken
Little and Lively
EleStory (Code TutuGood for 20% off)
Swim Suits and extras:
June Loop (guys… the CUTEST swim suits)
Sweet Peekaboo (Code Aurora10 for 10% off)

5. Mommy and Me Photo Shoot
Now that you’ve got yourself some matching outfits go enjoy a fun Mother’s Day photo shoot! Wink wink!
In all seriousness I really do think this is an important memory you will want to document with your kids especially your first baby. It doesn’t have to be something fancy or something you even post onto social media. I have TONS of mommy and me photos I keep just for myself and for my baby to enjoy when she is older.

You don’t need a fancy camera either, I use my iPhone for a lot of my photos and what helps me most is my Loopy case. It sounds like what it is, it’s a phone case that has a little loop on the back so you never drop your phone! It’s great for taking above pics of the baby and selfies. Click here for my Loopy case and use code shelby10 for 10% off.
Another great trick is to use a very small flexible tripod specifically for phones. Most of them come with a bluetooth clicker. Click here for my favorite.

There you have it everyone, my 5 Mother’s Day “non-gift” ideas. I hope this gave you some mom day inspiration! The important thing is to do whatever is going to make you feel special because you deserve it mamas!!!

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