Flying With a Baby (solo)

Flying With a Baby (solo)

Hi friends!
Miss Aurora and I recently took a trip to Colorado to visit my parents and not only was it my first time flying with a baby, I was also doing it by myself… with a connecting flight.
When preparing for our trip I was a little overwhelmed by what exactly I would need (should I take my stroller? how do I check my carseat/stroller? Can I bring milk? Can I even do this by myself?) In the end I found just what I needed to make a day of flying pretty seamless and learned some knowledge along the way of what to do and not to do. I hope this little list helps you and your little with any travels you have planned this summer!

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1. Zohzo Car Seat Tavel Bag and Stroller Bag
First thing on my must haves for flying are travel bags. One for your carseat and one for your stroller. Not only do these save your carseat from getting dirty and scraped up but they’re also handy for throwing a little something extra in. I brought an outdoor blanket (see item 9) and was able to tuck that in the bag with my carseat so I didn’t have to try and pack it or carry it on the plane. This brand particularly I had a great experience with; very sturdy and has a ton of handles for easy lifting to gate check. If you are thinking of bringing your stroller (which I HIGHLY recommend) I would also get the stroller bag as well. The idea of putting my child in something thats been sliding across a plane’s dirty cargo floor just isn’t that appealing.
Click here for Carseat Bag
Click here for Stroller Bag

Helpful Flight Tip: When you’re flying with a baby you do NOT have to check your carseat or stroller. You can get a little pink tag and gate check both of them. This means that you can use your stroller and carseat right up until you’re ready to get on the plane. At which point someone will take both bags down to the plane and when you arrive they will be waiting for you when you get off again at the gate. No waiting for it in baggage claim!  This is especially helpful if you have a connecting flight.

2. Kickee Pants Footies
If you know our family at all then you probably know how much we LOVE Kickee Pants. They are quality clothes made from bamboo so not only is it eco friendly but it’s also super comfortable, warm and breathable. Perfect for travel when you don’t know if the plane is going to be stuffy or freezing (because those are basically your only options). I also kept an extra pair in my carry on diaper bag for quick changes if needed.
Click here for her Kickee Pants

Helpful Flight Tip: Buy the ones with a zipper instead of snaps for easier changes on the plane or in the airport.

3. Purrell Disinfectant Wipes
Okay so this one might seem a little obvious but did you know that they make purrell in wipes!? (It’s the little things in life guys) This way you don’t have to check yet another liquid… Hooray!
You can grab them at Target for a dollar.

4. O-venture Key Ring
So two things…
First, this one is a little extravagant to be a “necessity” and you could probably get something a bit cheaper. However, I do LOOOVE this one in particular and I will explain why in a minute.
Second, I know someone is going to say “why do I need a key ring while I fly? I don’t need my keys.” This is true, however, this key ring is great for being hands free (if there is such a thing) with a baby and it’s super stylish high quality leather. While I do think this is a little pricey for what it is, its going to last and its extremely functional. If you’re not a fan of leather they also have a less expensive silicone version.
Click here for leather
Click here for silicon

Helpful Flight Tip: Use the key ring on your trip for a set of baby keys or a small hanging toy. This way you can have one hanging from your arm at the ready when you board and don’t have to worry about getting into your bag if you need to keep baby distracted before takeoff. 

5. Milk Snob Nursing Cover
Oh nursing cover how I love thee, let me count the ways…
These are a must have for anything baby ESPECIALLY if you are a nursing mama. The best use for this during our trip was on the plane. I was able to nurse her to keep her calm and pop her ears as well as nurse in the airport while still being completely covered and comfortable. I could cover the carseat during a longer layover so she could sleep and I was also able to use this as a blanket for Aurora on the plane (so I didn’t have to have another one in my bag).
Click here for milk snob cover

Helpful Flight Tip: At security they do allow you to bring breast milk and/or formula. Those do not count toward your liquids they are completely separate. Sometimes they might have you take it out so they can check it but for the most part they just send it through and give it right back.

6. Ergo Baby 360
This carrier is amazing for any baby any size. It has an infant insert for babies under 4 months but also suits bigger babies and even toddlers. You can carry them on your back or in the front either facing you or facing out. Great for flying when you need free hands and for us it was perfect for putting her to sleep and even a sneaky way to breast feed. A fantastic use of this while traveling is to put baby in the Ergo while you’re walking through the airport and your carry on items in/on the stroller. This makes it much easier to get through a busy airport and now you’re hands free! Not to mention its designed to carry your baby ergonomically (no achey breaky back).
Click here for Ergo

Helpful Flight Tip: When you get on the plane most flight attendants will ask you to unsnap the back and take your arms out of the carrier for take off and touch down. When you’re in the air feel free to put them back on. This was a little frustrating since it risked waking her up if she was already asleep before we took off.

7. Clorox Wipes To Go
Again this is kind of an obvious one but still a necessity. Planes are filthy and I know that my little one is going to want to touch EVERYTHING. So first thing I do is wipe it all down. Something I’ve done while flying even before a baby.
You can also get these at Target for a dollar!

8. Fawn Design Bag (or a very convincing knock off)
Guys… This diaper bag is a game changer. I was able to fit everything I needed for the baby and myself for the flight as well as my giant DSLR camera. It looks more like a purse than a diaper bag, faux leather and tons of pockets. It has back pack straps and the knock off comes with stroller straps (WONDERFUL for traveling) as well as attachable shoulder strap, arm strap and a matching changing pad (which I did not use). Fawn design offers the same accessories but you do have to buy them sepparately. The top opens all the way up so you can see completely into the bag unlike other back packs, purses or diaper bags. The Amazon knock off is surprisingly sturdy and has lasted with no issues so far. The only draw back of the Fawn Design is the price. At $160 it’s a little on the spendy side. However, it’s the quality you pay for and the faux leather is throughout the whole bag including the pockets. The Amazon knock off has a waterproof liner and mesh pockets. At the end of the day I think the $40 knock off does the job perfect and I haven’t felt the need to switch.
Click here for Fawn Design
Click here for Amazon knock off

Helpful Flight Tip: Don’t forget to take advantage of the stroller straps. It’s great that it functions as a back pack but if you are carrying a baby in a carrier take some of the load off and let the stroller do the work.

9. Little Unicorn Outdoor Blanket
Since we had a connecting flight both ways and a fairly good amount of layover time I really wanted to bring a blanket to lay Aurora out for some tummy and play time. But I wanted something compact that would be fine on a dirty airport floor. Enter the waterproof outdoor blanket. We use this everywhere; camping, the beach, barbeques, the park… etc. It rolls up, is completely washable and is a great size for baby to play on a dirty floor. 
Click here for Blanket

Helpful Flight Tip: When folded up put this inside the travel bags with your carseat or stroller so you don’t have to pack it and unpack it for use. It’s a sneaky way to get it under the plane like extra luggage.

10. Soundbub White Noise Machine and Bluetooth Speaker
There are tons of different travel white noise machines you could use. Any of them will work for the plane. This one I found on amazon and I liked it because it also has bluetooth so I can play her music throughout our trip OR white noise. It’s also shaped like a cute little bunny (they have other animals) that she loves to pet and play with so it has double uses. Fits great in my diaper bag and it’s rechargeable battery lasts a long time. Another comparable item is the baby shusher which I have heard is amazing but haven’t had the pleasure of  trying it myself.
Click here for Soundbub

11. Disposable Changing Pads
I don’t know about you but public changing tables freak me out. No thank you. Also I’m not a fan of using my changing pad on a dirty changing table, folding it up and then sticking it back in my bag with all of my babies things. Just. Gross. Solution? Disposable changing pads. Need I say more?
Want a more eco friendly version… they have those too!
Click here for changing pads
Click here for eco friendly version

Helpful Flight Tip: If you need to change babies diaper on the plane and it’s just pee, change them on your lap. Airplane bathrooms are not mom and baby friendly so if you don’t have to use one, don’t. Of course always check that it’s okay with the person sitting next to you.

12. Loopy Phone Case
Because I’m all about that hands free mom life! While it’s true the loopy case makes for an amazing selfie taker, it’s also great (and designed for) not dropping your phone while handling everything else in life. They have cases for all types of phones, very stylish and has a left or right handed adjustable “loop” … so we can be even more attached to our phones (if that’s possible). Plus I have a discount code for all of you!
Click here for phone case
Use Discount Code shelby10 for 10% off!

Helpful Flight Tip: Most airlines have your boarding pass accessible on your phone or an app! Use this case to keep your phone at the ready while still having the freedom to take care of baby and push a stroller.
(I still got ours printed out so I could put Auroras first flight tickets in her savor memory box)

Flying with a baby is always interesting and it’s not easy to do even with help let alone by yourself. Hopefully some of these items and tips will help make everything go a little smoother. Just remember to be patient, ignore the looks from other people and don’t be afraid to accept and ask for help. Most people are very kind and love babies!

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