Newborn Photo Session

Newborn Photo Session

Our beautiful baby girl is 6 months old (cue the water works) how did that happen so fast?? To celebrate I thought I would share with all of you our newborn session with the amazingly talented Jessica Kay.

Stop. Growing. Just stay little forever! It is really fun to watch her grow and change though. So many firsts to be excited for.
Robbie and I are probably the most awkward models together. We call Robbie "Chandler" (any of you "Friends" fans know what I mean by that?) he hates getting his picture taken, but I normally love it. However, I was so concerned about making him feel comfortable I ended up being the one feeling super awkward. To be fair we are not married so I've never had to have a picture taken of me staring into his eyes. Apparently that makes me super uncomfortable... who knew?
Look how tiny! I miss her being swaddled into a little snuggle-y ball of love. Still has that sweet face... which makes sense since her head barely grows. My tall, skinny, small head baby. Aurora, of course, was the perfect model. She just needed to lay there and look cute while she slept... (which is not as easy as it looks guys.) I mean, she even cried cute for the camera!
The ones of her and Robbie have to be my favorite. There is just something about seeing him hold his daughter, totally in love and completely wrapped around her tiny little finger since the moment they met. He is still so gentle and careful with her and is the most amazing daddy.
Gah! I love this picture! Totally her personality already just the happiest and silliest little girl. In case you couldn't tell by the picture of her sticking out her tongue. She smiled VERY early, like day 4 (I promise it was not gas you can tell the difference.)

All photos were shot by the magnificent Jessica Kay Photography

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